Autumn Vibes

Autumn is my absolute favourite season (with Winter close behind) as a sun worshiper this might come as quite a surprise to you but I love the turn from summer to autumn watching all the leaves turning and knowing that Christmas is on the way. We move from late nights feeling we should stay up because it’s still light at 10pm to cosy evenings in front of the fire under a blanket with a mug of Chai tea.

So much goes on in the Summer that I always feel like I should be out and about doing something until the light goes, given that the majority of each day is spent working I struggle sat looking out at what little sunshine we have, believe me It’s not fun.

I find Autumn and Winter much easier to knuckle under and work longer hours because the draw to a warm cosy house is much higher and the potential of being locked inside for long periods of time is much more appealing.

The only new addition to the darker months for me is Vitamin D. I came back from Spain in the spring and hit a massive slump in energy, motivation and mood and after a trip to the doctors realised that with so much time without sunshine that it was probably a vitamin D deficiency. As soon as I started up the daily dose I was back to normal so I will make sure I continue that as the light hours become less and less (and let’s face it the sunshine becomes zero).

Later mornings in bed because the sun isn’t rousing you at 5am, chucking some boots on and heading out to the farm to spend a couple of hours with Daisy (the pony) surrounded by leaves of every colour. Let the Winter begin.

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