Nutella Cookies

No joke it’s 12.02 (which basically means it’s the 1st December) Ordinarily at this time of day I would be collapsed in a heap either on my keyboard or asleep with my laptop precariously balanced on me in bed. But no in sheer excitement I am up in the middle of the night baking for the day ahead.


Putting up the decorations is a tiring (but equally fantastic job) that requires a lot of energy, I had a recipe I really wanted to try out so when better a time to try it!

This recipe is one I always wondered about, much like getting jam in a donut so I thought I would give it a go (successfully I might add)

So Nutella Cookies (not for Santa for you, for spending hours un-tangling Christmas lights)


  • 110g Soft brown sugar

  • 125g Butter (softened)

  • 1 Egg

  • 230g Self raising flour

  • Nutella (or Nutoka if you shop in Aldi like me!)

  • 100g Chocolate chips (optional)


 Put your butter and sugar in a bowl and whisk until smooth

 Add your egg then whisk again until smooth

 Add your flour and start mixing with a spoon, moving on to your hands to form a good firm dough.


Break the dough down in to 12 pieces (s evenly as you can) then press them down until flat and place the 1/2 tsp of chocolate spread in the middle.

Fold over all the edges in the middle and reform the top them press down gently to create the cookie shape (repeat until all the dough is used)

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 10-12 minutes or until they look golden and done.


Once done, leave them to cool on a wire rack an then you are good to eat (preferably with a hot chocolate covered in whipped cream and sprinkles) or tea if you’re boring!


Have you put up any decorations yet? who even cares, everyone deserves a treat after baking!

Thanks for reading


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