The Life changing magic of not giving a Fu*k

This book was the most refreshing, honest and accurate book I have read in a long time. With regular appearances of the F* work (tut tut) and brutality from page one I loved every word.

It is basically a breakdown of life (which you inevitably transfer to your own life) and the things you should and shouldn’t give a fuck about. With some hilarious anecdotal stories and examples, it had me laughing and agreeing with a lot Sarah (the author) had to say.

The irony of the book which I’m sure people take in a light hearted manner given the title, is that it actually hit home hard about quite how many ‘Fucks I am giving away’ unwillingly (again another extract from the book).


I am one of those people that continually feels the need to please and impress people (for whatever reason) so I regularly find myself agreeing to do things I haven’t got time to do, helping people I don’t particularly like or buying things I don’t really need, so potentially the wake-up call I needed.

The book is broken down in to categories of things you might give a fuck about, it then expands on each category helping you understand how you can learn to say no to various people and situations without offending, letting people down or basically looking like an ‘asshole’ again a terrific quote from the book.

I found it very liberating and since reading it I have definitely stated to rein in the fucks I’m giving out and who they are given to so it has clearly made an impact on me and my never-ending need to please everyone including the postman (when he receives a card and a homemade mince pie every Christmas) (I know COMPLETELY unnecessary).

One I would highly recommend if you find your free time and weekends doing jobs for people that you really don’t want to do or donating towards Betty’s sponsored walk for three legged dogs (and yes there is a charity for this)

I rest my case, and I am also half way though reading the next book in the series ‘Get your Sh*t Together’ so will of course feedback once I have finished that!

Thanks for reading


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