Making the Old Useful

I spend my life writing notes in various places and then either losing said bits of paper or forgetting what I have written where. Whether it be ‘Buy Milk’ or ‘Pay Gymnastics Fees’ a lot gets forgotten being so busy.

I found this really simple picture frame in a charity shop bargain box for £1. A lot of charity shops sell picture frames off cheap, or if you want to buy a more specific frame Dunelm and The Range have a great and cheap selection.

I decided that a chalk board would be good for the kitchen to be able to just scribble important things down in the hope I would stop forgetting the most simple tasks.

Here’s how I did it for under £5.


Take your frame apart and get rid of the glass and the print only keeping the frame and the back board.


I picked up this black matt paint from my local DIY store for £1 and a brush to use for 79p (Don’t expect to use the brush again because this paint will ruin the brush and you will be throwing it away)


Paint the back board with the black paint and use whatever colour paint you want to on the frame, I went for my good old Antique White chalk paint again. I did end up doing two coats for solid coverage depending on what colour the original frame was.


That’s basically it, put the backboard back in to the frame and pinch it all shut. Either you can put a picture mount on the back but I actually screwed in to the back of the door through the back board at the top and the bottom so it wouldn’t move around when i’m using it.



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