A Tasteful Halloween

I know it’s all for the kids, but if you are as horrendously particular about your house as me, you’ll get that shudder at the thought of covering it it with vulgar bright orange decorations, plastic spiders and replacing your beautiful cast iron door knocker with a battery operated skull that roars….you get the gist.

IMG_6627 (1)

Easter is pretty and pale with yellows and blues and fluffy chicks (that I can do) Christmas is understandably a complete delight (bar tinsel, tinsel makes me cringe) but Halloween is just such an ugly holiday. Whether my mums hatred for the holiday has rubbed off on me i’m not sure but I will rarely venture further than a carved pumpkin when it comes to October 31st.

stylish halloween

It crossed my mind that Pintrest is where all the inspiration is at, so I searched for ‘Classy Halloween’ and was pleasantly surprised that one I am clearly not the only mother with house OCD trying to keep everyone happy, and two there are some great ideas for non offensive (and actually quite nice) decorations to inspire your Halloween decor.

IMG_6627 (1)

There is hope for us yet!

Thanks for reading and I hope some of this inspires you if you are also not a fan or bright orange and plastic!

Georgie xx




Top Tips for Throwing a Kids Party

Tips for throwing a Kids party

My daughter Arabella turned six last week and I threw a rather large party for her this weekend. Having never done a party this big before (30 kids and all the parents and our family) I thought it would be good to run through my tips (well basically the mistakes I either made this time or have made in the past) an why it is key to avoid them.


Organising your own kids party is stressful (I’m not going to lie about that) BUT if you do it yourself you will end up with much more for your money, and a much more ‘special’ occasion for your little one.

So here are my top tips:

  1. Organise it early

Send those invites out early and make sure you give a way for parents to RSVP. You need to make it clear on the invite that if they don’t RSVP there won’t be a place at the party for their child. This avoids the numbers being completely out on the day. I sent Arabella’s invites out two months before the party, firstly to make sure that the most important friends were able to be there and secondly to kick start me in to starting to organise things avoiding the panic of last minute ordering and hanging out of the front door waiting for the postman on the morning of the party because he’s bringing the party bags!


  1. Sandwiches

This year is the first year I actually considered using a caterer to provide the sandwiches, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret here. DO NOT GO NEAR CATERERS.  I was quoted £45 + Delivery for 30 sandwiches (and that’s not fancy fillings, that’s ham, cheese and jam) To make 8 loaves worth of sandwiches it took me two hours on the morning of the party, I bought fresh bread from Aldi that morning that cost me 55p per loaf. Turn up the radio, get your little production line going and do it yourself. Caterers will absolutely rip you off for something that is really quite inexpensive and lets face it easy to do.

My other sandwich tip is making sure you always butter both sides of the bread. I have no idea why I don’t do this naturally anyway (perhaps I’m just lazy) but by habit I only butter the side that the filling is going on. When you are making sandwiches that need to not fall apart on a tray it is key to butter that second side. They will stick together nicely and the bread won’t dry out half as quickly.

  1. Entertainment

You may think some cake and party hats would be enough but from experience I can tell you it’s not. Kids need entertaining (always) so make sure you have some entertainment, i have never used ‘paid’ entertainment in the form of a person but there is always some kind of attraction. We have done, various pets, racing pigs (battery operated don’t worry) disco with a mic so we can play various games with them, a bouncy castle twice and various planned party games at festive parties. The one party there was no entertainment and we had riled parents and bored children so that’s not something I would do again!

  1. Don’t open the presents on the day

You can imagine it now, thirty children all running round, screaming, eating sugar and loud music. That is not a place you want presents to be opened, they won’t be appreciated, cards get lost, nothing gets written down and it’s a free for all with all the other children. I was really strict (much to Arabella’s frustration) that we weren’t going to be opening any of the presents at the party and we would open then a few days later (or consecutive days later as there were so many) with a pad ready for the thank you cards in a calm environment where she actually has half a chance to take in what she had received.


  1. Attach the cards to the presents if they aren’t already

As a parent that attends a lot of parties this is my pet hate, lots of people don’t attach their card to the present which basically means you have a lot of nameless presents and a lot of separate cards. I stood with a roll or cellotape and every time I spotted a present with a precariously balancing card I taped it down. This means that every present has a person attached to it. I would personally hate someone to think I had forgotten the gift!

  1. Provide something for the parents

In all honesty how much fun are kids parties for parents? Exactly. So they need something to get them through. I wouldn’t recommend gin and tonic, unless you have a huge budget, but making enough food for the parents to be able to eat and providing them with caffeine (either in the form of tea or coffee) makes a huge difference to how bearable a loud kids party is. I know if I’m sat down with a cuppa I can dull out the noise and catch up on social media for a couple of hours.

  1. Make more party bags than you need

We had a little hiccup this year. It’s easy to forget that with the invite for a child it does mean their siblings could also end up coming along. I hadn’t allowed for siblings when I made the party bags so we were two short at the end of the day which brought tears and all sorts of upset. Always make about five extra and you won’t be let down, you can always give any leftovers out at school the next week or save them for friends that weren’t able to come. Believe me it’s a much better alternative to feeling like the worst person in the world when they realise you haven’t got them a party bag.


  1. Check for allergies

Always worth a check, one of Arabellas school friends has a severe egg allergy. Luckily her parents emailed me and let me know the things she did eat. I made sure all the food was labelled so her parents knew what she was safe to eat. I made her a special egg free sponge cake and labelled it for her. They actually ended up taking the rest of the cake home with them which was so nice. Allergies or not no one wants to be left out at a party.

  1. Shop around for party ware

Being a complete Amazon prime addict my searched naturally started there, once I started to shop around online and in shops I started to realise there were cheaper options I ended up looking all over for the best price. I put a lot in my basket on Ebay, working through a list I had made of what I needed. I then went to the Poundshop and looked at what  could get from there saving on the postage then the rest ordered from various shops on Ebay, the only tip I would give for doing it this way is make sure you allow time for things to arrive, the dates they give you for delivery aren’t always what you get!

  1. Take lots of pictures or get someone else to do it

I had my big photography camera at the party for taking pictures of the kids on the princess castle backdrop but when it came to actual pictures of the party, the parents and the set up, I failed miserably. I got caught chatting to a lot of people and topping up various sandwich plates and to be completely honest didn’t have time to even think about picking up my camera. If I could do it again I would definitely ask a friend or family member to take some photos for me as I have barely any memories to save from this party.

So there you have it, my top ten kids party tips. If you have any others please feel free to leave them below.

Thanks as always for reading!

Georgie x




August Home Favourites

It’s that wonderful time of the month again where I get to window shop virtually on the internet and pull out all the things I like the most. The only negative being my undeniable need to have all these things (i’m normally pretty good at self control). This month I have found some incredible items and a good chunk of them were actually from Asda home range, which with it’s affordable price labels left me feeling pretty chuffed with my finds.

Lets get cracking!





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An item that unfortunately I can only dream about having in my house. With six mischievous chihuahuas these cushions wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving more than ten minutes with the pom poms staying in tact. But isn’t it beautiful, affordable, and most importantly my absolute favourite colour. MUSTARD! Perhaps one for the bedroom as they aren’t allowed upstairs near the white carpet!




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Isn’t this dreamy. I don’t thin you would necessarily have to even use this on a desk, it would make a really nice lamp on it’s own. I already have a very similar lamp but I was very drawn to this as my lamp is pure white and the copper detail on this one is so nice. This lamp (would you believe it is from Asda) so is predictably really good value for money.

Put it this was if my current lamp breaks for any reason this will 100% be my replacement! (And don’t worry I won’t be accidentally knocking it off the desk or pouring coffee on it)


asda eucalyptus



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I have tried for many years to be an ‘earthy’ plant keeping person, but I have failed enough times to realise that faux is my way forward unless i’m happy with brown and dying plants. I have various faux plants dotted around my house but you do have to shop around to find realistic ones as there is nothing worse than a really plasticy looking flower. These branches and vase are so affordable and I think they have absolutely nailed the ‘realness’ they look pretty damn real to me!





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You all know my lifelong obsession with my feathered friends (yes all 28 of them) You are probably judging me right now for owning that many chickens! Anything with a chicken it on I am naturally very drawn to, add some pastel colours and a deep burgundy and i’m sold. This is probably one item on my favourites that I will be heading out to get. And don’t worry they are pretty affordable too!





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I can only foresee one issue with this mat. I can’t see me actually wanting to wipe my feet on it because it is too damn cute. I mean look at it! We get through a fair few mats at home, especially outside the back door, little feet, big feet, paws and the occasional claw from a hen will pass this lots of time everyday. I don’t think I could subject this gorgeous mat to that location but I could definitely see myself having this somewhere in the house.





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I have wanted a cake tin for such a long time but I have just never found one I really liked. This I really do, cream, copper and duck egg are my colours in the kitchen so it would go perfectly. There is a part of me that feels that if I’ve gone to the effort of making a cake it needs to be stored somewhere nice, not just in a stained tuppaware or an old Celebrations tin from 10 years ago (you know you’ve all done this)




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I spend a lot of my time at home pottering round the field with a bucket in one hand and a chicken in the other. If someone comes to my door thinking i’m in because my car is there they are sorely disappointed to knock and not be answered to. I cannot hear a thing in the field, everything is muffled by clucking and crowing so I though this would be a good sign to have on my front door so people know when i’m not available (Unless you’re the postman, if you’re the postman I’ve probably sensed your here and will be waiting on the other side of the door for parcels).




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Whether I sound like a complete lunatic i’m not sure but I felt very drawn to this pot (much like a magpie to shiny objects). I absolutely love copper, brass and gold and this combination which is also distressed really appealed. As mentioned previously I have a variety of faux plants in the house and felt that this would be a really nice change from one of the very plain pots. they tend to come in, or to be honest anything else, make up brushes, cotton buds or jewellery.





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I fully take any accusations of being slightly mad for adding this one but I completely fell in love with them when I saw them. These are the cutest little people I have ever seen. I’m not sure why but I have always been drawn to very little ‘cute’ things and these are no exception. They have absolutely no purpose, are far too expensive for what they are but still I think they are totally adorable!

We’ve gone from a practical to a very random note to finish on, which sums me up as a person. Hope you enjoyed my August Home Favourites and I will be back in September with some more!

Thanks for Reading, Georgie xx

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Bye Bye Baby

Last Friday I said goodbye to my little girl for the next two weeks. Some parents in need of  break will probably be wondering why I have any complaints about this. Don’t get me wrong if it was a week I wouldn’t, but two weeks is just such a long amount of time to not see her little face, hear that dirty giggle and join in with random and baffling conversations.


There is truth in the fact that I probably do need a break from the responsibility of parenting to be able to fully rest and recoup but unfortunately when you are in this position it never feels like that and actually the apprehension and worry has been a stress in itself. Over the last week I have been adding to a general ‘life’ to do list all the jobs that need doing around the house, the DIY, the trips that need to to be made and basically any job I can turn to in order to stay busy (which defeats the whole object of the break).

Muddy Boots family photography

My nature isn’t to relax it’s to ‘do’ so given this opportunity to slow down it’s unlikely to actually happen. I want to do silly mundane things like read a whole book, get up to date on social media, walk the dogs more (not things I can’t do with Arabella home) but more just enjoyable things for me to do. Being the absolute fashion addict one big task that needs doing in the next two weeks is going through all my clothes, so that can be a draw/wardrobe a night easily for a week of evenings.

Muddy Boots family photography

My prediction is that I will be absolutely fine for the fist 4/5 days and then it is going to start getting really hard. Being divorced I am very used to spending time without Arabella but when I say time, we are talking 2/3 days, hence my prediction of the 4/5 day wobble.


Funny isn’t it, we always want what we can’t have. As parents we crave time to ourselves (well me and the friends I have asked do) But as soon as shes gone all I will want to do is eat popcorn and watch movies with her. within a week of Arabella getting back she starts her new school so I think getting on top of life/the house and possibly even starting the attic renovation will be a good thing in the long run. (I just need to keep reminding myself as I walk past her empty bedroom.


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The Country Life

Though I spend a huge chunk of my week in front of a computer linked to corporate entities and dealing with high flying clients, at heart I am a complete and utter country bumpkin.

We live in a breezy, character filled old cottage outside of Bristol in the UK and have enough animals to almost qualify as a farm (I’m not sure what the actual definition of a farm is but it can’t be far off our set up).

Muddy Boots family photography

What I love the most is the divide, and it’s quite possibly the only way I cope with such a busy life. During the day i’m dressed on trend (well ish, I like to create my own trends) clean shoes, made up face and technology at my fingertips (Two phones, laptop, Ipad, Desktop, Alexa in every room of the house) then by night i’m hand rearing weak chicks,  cleaning out chicken coops, collecting eggs, training the dogs, riding the horse or generally covered in mud somewhere doing something outdoorsy.

Muddy Boots family photography

I was lucky enough to grow up in various beautiful old houses, always rural and always waking to the sounds of cows mooing, horses whinnying or sheep bleating so living in a city is not something I think I could ever cope with. Don’t get me wrong i’m in no way remote to local towns but just having that little bit of space and daily interaction with a variety of animals is almost a coping mechanism.

I rode throughout my whole childhood, spending most weekends at shows, peeing in a buckets and always with the faint aroma of ‘horse’ lingering round me. naturally as I matured this lessened and I learnt about deodorant and started to venture in to the world of fashion (as a youngster on ‘dress down days’ at school I would literally turn up on my jodhpurs) that’s how bad I was.

So the natural progression saw me start to find other things in life that drew me away from the stables, work, socialising, boys (I was never that keen on them) but there were always animals involved. When I became a single mum in 2012 all of a sudden I didn’t have anyone to answer to or opinions to consider and ‘Life in the Cottage’ began. We currently have the following pets:

  • 6 Purebred Chihuahuas
  • Archibald the rescued cat
  • Fox the Gelding
  • Daisy the miniature Shetland
  • Pete the 100 year old tortoise (that we sort of inherited)
  • Olive the Syrian Hamster
  • 28 Chickens (12 newly hatched chicks)
  • And for the next three weeks until they go back we have Haggis the school bunny in the field too.

Muddy Boots family photography

as you can see it’s a full house (though there’s always room or an animal in need) Admittedly it’s very stressful at times, especially when there is illness or the Fox decides he wants one of my hens but i wouldn’t change it for the world. Every morning before work I potter out to the field in my dressing gown feed and water the chickens and just take a big deep breath of the countryside and it honestly sets me for the day (some of which can be incredibly stressful) At the other end of the day it’s the horses and again there’s peace and space. I struggle with Anxiety for various reasons but if I feel an attack coming you will find me sat in the field watching Chihuahuas trot about and chickens clucking away while they peck on their corn.

If any of you want to see our lives first hand and very raw, we share a weekly video on YouTube that covers the good, the bad and the ugly:

Thanks for always for coming to my little ivy filled corner of the internet


A Month of Amazon

Ok so i’m going to be completely honest here. About six months ago I somehow landed myself a months free subscription to Amazon prime. This was the bet and worst month of my life (dramatic I know) Having always been a keen ‘Ebayer’ I was a dab at online shopping, don’t get me wrong I haven’t got the patience to bid for things but the whole click buy wait, receive.

Well with Amazon Prime the gap between the click buy and receive is between 6 and 24 hours, which for someone with the patience of a newborn demanding a feed is a godsend. I have had one instance in goodness knows how many when it didn’t come in that time slot, so I rang them on their easy customer service number (no actually you request a call and they call you instantly) and I was given a refund another months free membership. Not too shabby.

I have had a fair few bad experiences ordering from Ebay with the predicted delivery and then 9 days later you realise they’ve lie, are blatantly based in china and it’s not going to be coming anytime soon. As a consumer this REALLY annoys me.

So enough rattling about how great it is, I thought it would be fun to go through what I bought in July (with explanation as somethings will leave you wondering) so here we go!

mason jar

Smith’s Mason Jars Rust Proof Lotion & Soap Dispenser 


A pretty straight forward purchase. Arabella slammed her hand as hard as she could on the soap in a strop knocking it to the floor and shattering it in to a million pieces (we had the same one before!





UBaymax A4 Document File Folder, 12 Pockets Folder A4 


A dull work item, basically being based away from home 99% of the week means I need everything with me. So this means i can do that and it’s all separated. Really useful if you have a lot of life stuff to keep on top of!





Underwater Camera for Snorkelling 24.0 MP Waterproof Digital Camera 


At the start of July i dropped my vlogging camera and in a blind panic had to order something to replace it while the company repairing it worked out if they could fix it. Not the best camera in the world but now it’s been used and my Sony is back working it’s keeping Arabella happy as she can now do ‘her own’ videos!



table legs

OAKOME 4 X Hairpin Table Leg Double Steel Construction Welding Superior Legs (16.14 Inches, Black)


You may well remember seeing a cable reel table I upcycled on Instagram/Facebook, well this is the legs I used (naturally I sprayed them copper) but here is the listing. Great value and they come in a variety of colours, just not copper.



downloadPHARMAQ Ivermectin Drops 1% 5ml – Mite Treatment


Very dull but very necessary. we had an outbreak of redmite among the flock and having los

t a handful because of it this treatment was my last hope (and it did help) not sure it was worth the £18.99 i paid for it (5ml is a very very small bottle). But needless to say i had to try!



travel mug

Thermos ThermoCafé 2010 Travel Mug, 400 ml


Cheap and very un-exiting but I needed a way to try and stop getting Starbucks drive through on the way to the office. I won’t lie i’m still going but less. With a Tassimo at home there shouldn’t be any excuse. But the mug (which I thought was great value) is getting used.



Bartoline Creocote Light Brown 4 Litre


Bear with me this was a very ‘chicken’ orientationed month with the red mite. This creosote (which i’m sure is illegal) was to spray the coops with as it deters the mites, well ish.




pressure sprayer

5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer – use with water, fertilizer or pesticides


And this is what i used to spray the creosote. This is clearly a bad month to share what I bought because it’s all really dull.




Silvine Executive Soft Feel Notebook Ruled with Marker Ribbon 160pp 90gsm A4 Tan 


ANothr work number, i get through about one of these A4 notepads per month so this will come up (in tan ofcourse) every month. Worst part about this is i keep all the finished ones too. Talk about being a hoarder.



Well though a totally random haul I guess it does show you what variety of things you can actually buy on Amazon. Let me know if you want me to keep this up for August too. I promise it will be less Chicken stuff!

Thanks for Reading



Riding the Lows

Ok so I posted on Instagram last week sharing my frustrations with the lack of time in my life, the amount of pressure and the never ending stream of guilt I live with.

I know that on the whole Instagram is a place for over edited, happy, carefree and unrealistic images (which most of the time I keep up with) but I also believe that when a ‘down day’ comes along why can’t that be shared too (we are all human after all).

Riding the lows 😌 My personality is such that though I reach ridiculous motivational highs I also hit some serious lows. Poor little A had quite a high temperature last night which really worried me, I managed to reduce it with some trusty calpol but I ended up laying in bed having one of those ‘woe is me sessions’ afterwards with the usual culprits rearing their ugly heads ‘I’m a terrible mum for working so much’ ‘the house isn’t clean enough’ ‘I don’t post enough on my story’ ‘there are so many messages I haven’t responded to’ and honestly feeling jealous of all the accounts I follow that can put all of their time in to creativity and social media. It’s not like me to be jealous I love to celebrate my insta friends but last night I found myself staring at the ceiling feeling jealous and frustrated. Being a working mum is such a hard juggling act and keeping the cogs of daily life well oiled is key, one thing fails and bam the whole ship is sinking. I’m going to spend a bit of time this weekend really prioritising everything (getting the house really straight) and try to stop keeping up with the Joneses as actually what everyone else is doing doesn’t matter it’s what we are doing that does. Feeling much better after a good night sleep and looking forwards to a day at home tomorrow to get my ‘sh1t’ together xxx

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After sharing this post (above) my inbox went crazy and there were so many women thanking me for finally sharing something that they could directly relate to and asking for advice. With little enough time in my possession I thought I would share this further by writing a blog post. Ironically i’ve done this in the midst of one of my down days.

I am finally starting to see a pattern to when these days happen now which is good and bad because I now almost preempt them. Imagine someone saying that you would get to a Thursday every week and you would have a panic attack, you would spend from Sunday to Tuesday worrying (well I would anyway).

Sunday: We organise, we do things that make us happy and we have time away from the routine of the week.

Monday: Beginning of the week, an easy day to keep productivity high feeling fresh after the weekend.

Tuesday: Tuesday is that day that isn’t really anything, normally still quite productive.

Wednesday: Starting to feel a bit tired? but upbeat because it’s #humpday and all that jazz.

Thursday: Exhaustion kicks in and though normally a pretty laid back person I could literally scream at someone for standing too close to me in a queue

Friday: Somehow though physically and mentally exhausted we always manage to get through a Friday, perhaps much like the carrot on a string incentive, Saturday is dangled with it’s promises of a later start, less demands and time to just potter.

I’m now starting to realise that Thursday is pretty much always my trigger day, Thursday is the day I start to nit pick every single thing that isn’t perfect, anxiety and self doubt start to creep in and i’m rolling that ever growing snowball of negativity in to Friday when honestly most weeks I feel like I can’t get up in the morning to face the day.

The big question that i still haven’t answered is how do you move through it:

Ok so as today has progressed (It’s Thursday) my temper has gotten shorter and my mood has got lower. I sat on the sofa while Arabella was eating her supper and beat myself up about how much cleaner the house could be, how much i need to finish painting Arabells’s bedroom door, how the bins are overflowing and need emptying.

I stop myself in my tracks and take five really deep breaths, slow and calm and always breathing out for longer than in. Then I focused on what small things I could do to make me feel more in control of my life. For me cleanliness and tidiness are huge things. So i got off my bum, emptied the hoover and blitzed the house (nothing too crazy) but just a hoover, clean worktops and straighten sofas and beds.

The next thing is to plan something that I can do that I really enjoy. Don’t judge me on this one but I LOVE watching Suits (the TV show on Netflix) so I schedule that in to my evening and make sure it happens, even if it’s just 30 minutes.

Do I feel clean and together? if I don’t i’ll take a shower and refresh my body (somehow a shower or bath makes you feel like a whole new person, perhaps like a mini christening).

Think ahead to tomorrow, more often than not I feel quite overwhelmed about what is happening the next day so by facing that and looking t what can be done in advance to make the day easier, whether it’s making packed lunches, laying out an outfit ready or packing everything you will need ready and leaving it by the door. This on really helps me feel like i can cope with whats to come.

The last thing that is really important to do is actually sit down and appreciate how much i have actually achieved this week. This doesn’t have to be huge things and will obviously be different for everyone.

If this helps just one person I’ve done my job so hopefully it does. To recap:


I hope this helps in some small way, I would love to know you you all get through your low days too!

Love as Always

Georgie x

New Look Favourites

JO'S BOOM CYCLE - Untitled Page

Yellows, Pinks, Metallic and wicker this season is one of the prettiest I’ve known. This summer has seen the usual array of bright colours (that are of course for highlighting that tan you’ve been working on around work) but also a gentle and sophisticated pallet of some really beautiful colours. I am an avid New Look fan and spent quite some time trawling through their website searching out some of my current season favourites. What is everyones favourite item? and what is your colour of Summer 2018?

Grey Pom Pom Earrings

grey pom pom earrings

Click here to see more

Pink Blazer

pink cheap blazer

Click her to see more

Pineapple Swing Dress

pineapple swing dress

Click here to see more

Gold and Wicker Bag

gold summer bag

Click here to see more

A Symmetric White Jumper

new look white jumper

Click here to see more

Mustard Button up Top

mustard top

Click here to see more

Red Tea Dress

red tea dress new look

Click here to see more

Fringe Tassel Jumper

fringe tassel jumper

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As always thank you for reading, following or subscribing (however you heard about this) and any requests or questions are always welcomes!



My March Favourites

As you can see from my serious lack of posts in 2018 I have struggled immensely for inspiration. Last night I sat and went through page after page of ideas for lifestyle blog post ideas (400 in total) and have whittled them down to about 40 so i now have plenty of inspiration. One think I really like the idea of was Friday favourites every week. I spend most of the week screen-shotting things that pop up on either my Instagram feed, pintrest feed or generally in life so this post on a Friday will be those things!

Fashion, home and pretty much anything else. This first Friday favourites definitely has a theme of Easter going on! As always everything is great value (we all know i’m not a designer gal).

pink chelsea boot

Pink Chelsea boots

I am totally fed up of wearing black or tan so this will make a nice change coming in to spring!


Tan loafers

Moving away from boots (which will be such a relief for our ankles) I found these gorgeous tan loafers for spring and summer.


Tassel tee

I think it’s official, my obsession for pom poms has now turned in to an obsession for tassels, they are everywhere at the moment and this T shirt is not only a bargain but amazing!


Easter bunny

Just look at this guy, he is so adorable. I am getting more and more in to actually decorating the house for Easter and this chap will be a definite buy for the festivities.


Bunny mug

How dreamy is this! love a bunny, love duck egg and love a cuppa! SOLD


Easter stamp

I won’t lie we don’t really do cards but I still absolutely love this stamp! The font is gorgeous.


Egg decorations

Other than my love affair with Mustard I am all about the pastel colours and these little eggs would be a perfect addition to the cottage.


Cake stand

I currently have this saved in my basket on Ebay and have every intention of buying it at the end of the month, there is ALWAYS cake in our house so it would be rude not to put it in something pretty.


White clock

I was led in the bath yesterday without my phone just reading and completely lost track of time, it occurred to me that there is no clock in my bathroom. I am loving this one as an addition so I don’t miss the school run!


Mustard bag

**She sighs** isn’t she s beauty. This colour is my life at the moment, it’s all over the house all over the pets all over my wardrobe and this bag has just topped it. Mustard is a great colour because it goes with black or blue which are my two staple colours.

There you go my Friday favourites, let me know what you think of the new weekly blog post and if you have any requested for themed ones just let me know. All my social channels are below, and thanks for reading.