Winter Mug Treats

For me (as terrible as this is to admit) with a warm drink comes some kind of sweet treat, whether it be a modist rich tea or a full blown slab of Victoria sponge I think the two go had in hand.

I was in M&S buying coffee the other day (This is a daily occurrence until Santa hopefully brings me a Tassimo) and they had these little gingerbread style men that hooked over the edge of your cup (for £1.85 I might add). In usual style I whipped my phone out and took a picture to look in to ways I could recreate it at home, and I came up with this.


  • 190g plain flour
  • 125g unsalted butter
  • 55g caster sugar

Measure out your butter and sugar and rub together with a large spoon.

 Add the flour and start mixing with the same spoon then move on to your fingers to form a dough.

 If it’s too dry ad a touch of milk or too wet add a little bit more flour.

 Roll out the dough to about 0.5cm in thickness and cut out your shapes (worth mentioning you will be cutting a fair bit out so make sure it’s a decent size cutter)

 Once you’ve cut all the shapes out take a small sharp knife and start removing cm wide strips from each shape.

Once they are all done pop them in the oven at 180 C until they start to brown.

Note: leave them to cool on the baking tray so they harden up, we lost  few because being warm they were still soft and broke in half.

Once cool get your icing ready, I don’t use a recipe for this I just pop some icing sugar in a bowl and add water until it’s the right consistency (If you are time savvy then shop bought tubes do a great job and there’s no judgement from me) then load up your piping bag and get decorating (however you want).

Once fully cool and with the icing set you’re ready to go. Make your favorite hot drink, leaving enough room at the top and pop your biscuit on.

This is a great little add on when you have guests (especially children) coming over.

 of for yourself because it’s Christmas 🙂

Thanks for reading



Real Vs. Fake

 Ok so for me this is a very easy choice primarily due to tradition (not ease I might add).

NB:// and I have to add at this point for clarity that I am not talking about boobs here this is 100% a discussion about Christmas trees.

The more and more people I speak to every year the more I realise that people are starting to sway towards fake (which lets face it isn’t such a terrible thing, i’m just not).


For me the real tree lust is a need for tradition, every year for as long as I can remember as a family we have gone out and hand picked our Christmas tree, for me it marks the beginning of the festive season. Putting the tree up will be the first festive thing I will do, then come the decorations

Lets look at the pro’s and cons side to this because there are quite a few factors against me getting a real tree each year, and helping people justify having their fake tree (some of which are incredible I might add) in their loft ready for the next year.

Ok Pro’s of a real tree

1. The smell – there is no denying that the smell of a real Christmas tree is something you can’t replicate with any plugin, candle or pot pouri.

2. The shape, they always look less perfect than a real tree but in my eyes more natural which only for some is key for their Christmas centrepiece

3. Cost, a really good fake tree will set you back over £100 whereas you are looking at about £30-£40 for a 7 ft real tree (Yes this is a false economy as you will of course only buy the fake tree once but looking at it for just one year this is a pro for the real tree)

4. Tradition – This is a big one for me, the tradition of picking the tree, having it wrapped up and put on the top of your car isn’t quite the same as dragging it out of a cardboard box in the attic and cleaning of a years worth of dust!

Ok now the cons (where I go in to denial and justify all of them)

The Con’s of a Real Tree

1. They might not last the whole month of December, I can’t deny this because it has happened, with Christmas eve looming I have been literally screaming at people not to go anywhere near the tree for fear of knocking it and literally every single needle falling off. Even with watering the tree might not last, it all depends on when it was cut.

2. Stability – I now have a cat in my house and this year I am well and truly prepared to be picking the Christmas tree up off the floor at least once. The stumps are rarely even and fitting them in the base is not always as easy as it should be. So the stability of the tree can be poor especially if you have the whole cat and child vs. tree (which I do)

3. Pine needles – this is my worst bit of a real tree, once the tree is up I have been known to literally find pine needles in my pants and bra (how I don’t know). The pine needles get everywhere and you will literally find them everywhere for the rest of the year, every time the sofa is cleaned or moved more appear, cobwebs attract them and they ruin the hoover (speaking from someone who decided to try and hoover them ALL up one year) needless to say I was buying a new hoover in the January sales.

All that in mind i will still be going to visit ‘Bill’ our friendly tree man and strapping it to the top of my car driving home with Buble on!

Thanks for reading