Christmas Table on a budget

Every year so much thought goes in to the Christmas table (potentially more than the food itself). This year I feel like I’ve outdone myself because not only does it look beautiful but it was really quite cheap (under £30). I try and focus on interior design ideas and layouts that really do work on a budget, it makes it so much more fun to do.

I am going to take you through every single detail, how much everything cost and any customizations I made and how i did it. (If you can’t be bothered to read it don’t worry there is a video at the end that explains it all!)


Ok so starting with the runner. This was a gold runner that I bought on a roll from Hobby craft. It was 3m for £4.00 I also bought some copper spray paint that I used to spray this runner to more of a copper colour to match the table theme (this was also from Hobby Craft and cost £5.20). The leafage in the middle which is a combination of Spruce and Eucalyptus was left over from my Christmas door wreath, but truthfully you can use anything in the middle as long a it is fresh and green.


The copper cutlery was bought for £4.00 from Poundland (this was for a 16 piece set) and to be honest is a really nice set (but having learnt from experience not dishwasher proof). I also bought the copper wine glasses from Poundland and they were £2 each, and the under plate for the plates were also from Poundland £1 each and I just sprayed them with the copper spray paint to match the rest of the copper theme.


The Crackers were home made, I searched for the lazy option on Ebay but the only listing I found for copper crackers was 6 for £29 which was not going to happen. All you need is some tissue paper (£1.60 for 8 sheets, two per cracker) Cracker snaps which were 79p for 10 and some string and tags which i already had for wrapping. (I have put the little tutorial link below if you want to give it a go.

The candles were £2.49 each from Home Bargains and then the hessian ribbon which I just added to them (I already had this and it is totally optional) The last centerpiece detail is the copper sprayed Pine cones which were again something I already had so just took the copper spray to them and popped them in place (you could use berries, holly or anything else festive).


The last two things to mention are the two star dishes on each end. These were from Poundland and came in Gold at £1.00 each. Again they were sprayed gold and put in place. (They will be use for cranberry sauce and loose salt and pepper on the day itself).


In a snow coated nutshell Ii am absolutely loving this set up, the copper is the most beautiful colour next to the greenery and it has that homemade, rustic but festive feel which if I could have written a brief would have been exactly what I wanted. The total was a couple of pence under £30 which includes everything you see bar the plates which I had anyway.


If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas please just leave a comment as it’s always lovely to hear from you all! (and the video is below to see it ‘in real life)

Thanks for reading



Homemade Pom Pom’s

So easy and so effective! I am probably the world biggest pom pom whore, I literally love them. On my clothes, in the house, on the pets (and my child) and now even on the Christmas tree.
I have been known to buy the fluffy pom poms but when I saw a lovely Pintrest post with wool pom poms I decided it was time to learn how to make them. There is always the option of getting a ‘pom pom maker’ which personally for me I think takes away the fun (and will set you back anything up to £10) I can honestly say you really don’t need them this is not a hard craft project at all (unless you are 5 and overtired).
All you need for this craft project is some wool (colour is your choice) some string and a pair of small sharp scissors!

Cut yourself roughly a 10 inch piece of string and slip it between your middle and ring finger.


 Start wrapping the wool around all of your fingers keeping the string out of the way.


 You want to aim to finish with about this much wool on your hand (roughly 60 times round)


 Next you want to pull the string forwards and start to tie to pull the wool together before you remove it from your hand.


 Slowly start to pull the wool up your fingers until it is free and then finish the knot.


 now tie another knot and make sure it is nice and tight so the wool doesn’t slip out.


Taking your sharp scissors start to run them up either side cutting the wool in the middle, do this as evenly as you an as it will save you time on the next step.


Once you have done both sides give the pom pom a good shake about using the string to make sure you have cut all of it apart.


 Then all you are left with is the trimming of any rouge strands to even the finished pom pom out. Tie and trim your string and you’ve got a pom pom ready for the tree



 If you have any problems jut pop me a message on instagram! @lifeinthecottage

Thanks for reading