August Home Favourites

It’s that wonderful time of the month again where I get to window shop virtually on the internet and pull out all the things I like the most. The only negative being my undeniable need to have all these things (i’m normally pretty good at self control). This month I have found some incredible items and a good chunk of them were actually from Asda home range, which with it’s affordable price labels left me feeling pretty chuffed with my finds.

Lets get cracking!





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An item that unfortunately I can only dream about having in my house. With six mischievous chihuahuas these cushions wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving more than ten minutes with the pom poms staying in tact. But isn’t it beautiful, affordable, and most importantly my absolute favourite colour. MUSTARD! Perhaps one for the bedroom as they aren’t allowed upstairs near the white carpet!




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Isn’t this dreamy. I don’t thin you would necessarily have to even use this on a desk, it would make a really nice lamp on it’s own. I already have a very similar lamp but I was very drawn to this as my lamp is pure white and the copper detail on this one is so nice. This lamp (would you believe it is from Asda) so is predictably really good value for money.

Put it this was if my current lamp breaks for any reason this will 100% be my replacement! (And don’t worry I won’t be accidentally knocking it off the desk or pouring coffee on it)


asda eucalyptus



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I have tried for many years to be an ‘earthy’ plant keeping person, but I have failed enough times to realise that faux is my way forward unless i’m happy with brown and dying plants. I have various faux plants dotted around my house but you do have to shop around to find realistic ones as there is nothing worse than a really plasticy looking flower. These branches and vase are so affordable and I think they have absolutely nailed the ‘realness’ they look pretty damn real to me!





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You all know my lifelong obsession with my feathered friends (yes all 28 of them) You are probably judging me right now for owning that many chickens! Anything with a chicken it on I am naturally very drawn to, add some pastel colours and a deep burgundy and i’m sold. This is probably one item on my favourites that I will be heading out to get. And don’t worry they are pretty affordable too!





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I can only foresee one issue with this mat. I can’t see me actually wanting to wipe my feet on it because it is too damn cute. I mean look at it! We get through a fair few mats at home, especially outside the back door, little feet, big feet, paws and the occasional claw from a hen will pass this lots of time everyday. I don’t think I could subject this gorgeous mat to that location but I could definitely see myself having this somewhere in the house.





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I have wanted a cake tin for such a long time but I have just never found one I really liked. This I really do, cream, copper and duck egg are my colours in the kitchen so it would go perfectly. There is a part of me that feels that if I’ve gone to the effort of making a cake it needs to be stored somewhere nice, not just in a stained tuppaware or an old Celebrations tin from 10 years ago (you know you’ve all done this)




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I spend a lot of my time at home pottering round the field with a bucket in one hand and a chicken in the other. If someone comes to my door thinking i’m in because my car is there they are sorely disappointed to knock and not be answered to. I cannot hear a thing in the field, everything is muffled by clucking and crowing so I though this would be a good sign to have on my front door so people know when i’m not available (Unless you’re the postman, if you’re the postman I’ve probably sensed your here and will be waiting on the other side of the door for parcels).




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Whether I sound like a complete lunatic i’m not sure but I felt very drawn to this pot (much like a magpie to shiny objects). I absolutely love copper, brass and gold and this combination which is also distressed really appealed. As mentioned previously I have a variety of faux plants in the house and felt that this would be a really nice change from one of the very plain pots. they tend to come in, or to be honest anything else, make up brushes, cotton buds or jewellery.





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I fully take any accusations of being slightly mad for adding this one but I completely fell in love with them when I saw them. These are the cutest little people I have ever seen. I’m not sure why but I have always been drawn to very little ‘cute’ things and these are no exception. They have absolutely no purpose, are far too expensive for what they are but still I think they are totally adorable!

We’ve gone from a practical to a very random note to finish on, which sums me up as a person. Hope you enjoyed my August Home Favourites and I will be back in September with some more!

Thanks for Reading, Georgie xx

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My March Favourites

As you can see from my serious lack of posts in 2018 I have struggled immensely for inspiration. Last night I sat and went through page after page of ideas for lifestyle blog post ideas (400 in total) and have whittled them down to about 40 so i now have plenty of inspiration. One think I really like the idea of was Friday favourites every week. I spend most of the week screen-shotting things that pop up on either my Instagram feed, pintrest feed or generally in life so this post on a Friday will be those things!

Fashion, home and pretty much anything else. This first Friday favourites definitely has a theme of Easter going on! As always everything is great value (we all know i’m not a designer gal).

pink chelsea boot

Pink Chelsea boots

I am totally fed up of wearing black or tan so this will make a nice change coming in to spring!


Tan loafers

Moving away from boots (which will be such a relief for our ankles) I found these gorgeous tan loafers for spring and summer.


Tassel tee

I think it’s official, my obsession for pom poms has now turned in to an obsession for tassels, they are everywhere at the moment and this T shirt is not only a bargain but amazing!


Easter bunny

Just look at this guy, he is so adorable. I am getting more and more in to actually decorating the house for Easter and this chap will be a definite buy for the festivities.


Bunny mug

How dreamy is this! love a bunny, love duck egg and love a cuppa! SOLD


Easter stamp

I won’t lie we don’t really do cards but I still absolutely love this stamp! The font is gorgeous.


Egg decorations

Other than my love affair with Mustard I am all about the pastel colours and these little eggs would be a perfect addition to the cottage.


Cake stand

I currently have this saved in my basket on Ebay and have every intention of buying it at the end of the month, there is ALWAYS cake in our house so it would be rude not to put it in something pretty.


White clock

I was led in the bath yesterday without my phone just reading and completely lost track of time, it occurred to me that there is no clock in my bathroom. I am loving this one as an addition so I don’t miss the school run!


Mustard bag

**She sighs** isn’t she s beauty. This colour is my life at the moment, it’s all over the house all over the pets all over my wardrobe and this bag has just topped it. Mustard is a great colour because it goes with black or blue which are my two staple colours.

There you go my Friday favourites, let me know what you think of the new weekly blog post and if you have any requested for themed ones just let me know. All my social channels are below, and thanks for reading.



Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s almost that time of year again where we get to celebrate our mothers (I still personally think this should be monthly, but hey i’m a mum so i’m biased).

Every year I try and do something different, more meaningful, more sentimental, but after the 20 odd years I have been doing it for that’s getting quite hard. I decided in a very organised manner to start early this year (I have been known to regularly be one of those people). I have had a good old browse and come up with some of the things I think would be lovely to receive as a mum or give to my own (but realistically Arabella is 5, So I won’t be getting anything!!)

Here is my Mother’s Day gift guide


Personalised cushion

How gorgeous is this, especially if you have siblings, you could all chip in and get this together. I like the idea of something you can keep to be reminded.

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Mother mug

Probably the truest quote going, everyone loves a mug and drinks either tea or coffee.

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Hand painted artwork

This gift idea I absolutely love. You have to send the artist some pictures of you and your mum and she will create a portrait of you with whatever quote you like. How personal!

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Mother cushion

As you can tell I am a little bit obsessed with the personalized cushion idea, another great one to pop on an armchair or decorate a bed.

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‘With my Mummy’ Book

This is actually a book we have and it is so nice to read with Arabella (sometimes she needs reminding of how special us mums are) Perfect for mums with youngsters.

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Mummy Desk Tidy

Something for a working (or very organsied mum) I love the idea of this on my desk, lets face it being a mum is something to shout from the rooftops about.

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Emma Bridgewater ‘Mummy Mug’

I own a lot of Emma Bridgewater but not one of these, though it is something I’ve always wanted (might have to wait a few years, not sure they let 5 year olds do online shopping)

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Personalised ‘Yummy Mummy’ hanger

I might actually go ahead and order myself one of these, I (mostly) hang tomorrows outfit out before I go to bed so this could be for that. What a cute idea!

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Mummy Mug

Any mum with small children will laugh at this, because it’s true. I microwave every single cup of tea I make at home because I get called away for one reason or another and it goes cold #everytime.

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There it is, a few things that caught my eye on the lead up to the Big Day. another factor to consider is the card (speaking from experience a homemade one is best) and the more hearts the better.

I hope all you mums get spoiled rotten on Mothers Day, and for those of you with children under 7, I feel your pain getting zero appreciation 365 days a year!


January Home Favourites

I am interiors obsessed so putting together my home favourites each month was a no brainer to add to the schedule. I do this late at night in bed (one of the perks of being single and not having to talk to anyone!) Here is a pretty long list of a variety of things that have caught my eye in January. I haven’t bought any of it yet as we are in Frugal January but come February there are a few favourites i will be adding to the basket!





What is there not to love about this set, I love baking, I own and love chickens. This was always going to happen! £19










Oh good god there is a matching tea towel for £8










I clearly need the matching set (right?) £18









This is the one colour I am obsessed with, copper and only £12 fruit bowl, egg basket, office addition. Multi functional if you ask me.







I am forever looking for a tape measure to measure things out (that and the fact I have no confidence in myself guessing) this is so pretty and duck egg and…. need i go on £10








I spend most of my week hoovering up mud from mats and the house generally so this is a definite buy. Plans to leave it by the back door so post chicken muck out i have somewhere to rub the excess of my boots (and it’s a stag and I love stags!) on sale at £16.80





The kitchen in the cottage is just a collection of jars filled with different things. The only huge frustration is that they all have silver details.. look what i just found. gorgeous! and only £7.20 for the set of 2 in the sale









A little bit more on the expensive side but these cushions are to die for and totally go with the colour theme in my living room. The current mustard cushions have been chewed, sat on and are on their way out so what for a refresh! £29.50







This made me chuckle as we do have a naughty step in our house so this would fit in perfectly, sadly on the wall not the stairs as we have carpeted stairs.. but still. £12.50









I have one hell of a collection of pens that quite frankly i don’t use. I am thinking about ditching the ones i don’t need (or donating them to Arabella’s collection) and keeping the really useful ones in here on my desk. Chicken wire and copper what a combination and only £8





I clearly need to step in to February very carefully as the spending ban lifts but I know the absolute favourites on this list for me so maybe one or to purchases will happen on the 1st. Hope you enjoyed my first ever Home Favourites and don’t forget to follow to see what comes up in February!

Enjoy and thanks for reading.



The Juice Box

If you are a follower of my Instagram channel you will already know I am well and truly on the OCD spectrum. I loathe mess, I loathe disorganisation and truly can’t stand not being able to find things.

In our house we have more technology that a post could even contain (partly due to what I do for a living) but this leaves me with the constant sight of cables charging various electricals everywhere. On top of annoying me immensely these cables get chewed by the puppy, played with by the cat and I’ve also been known to suck a few up the hoover (plugged in I might add) talk about hazards!


I searched on Ebay and various other sites for some kind of ‘charger organiser’ plenty came up, there were colourful plastic ones, holder ones that held various things up, but nothing shouted out at me ‘i’m great value and I will fit with the country chic theme of your house’. I went on to pinterest and searched various options these ideas all amalgamated in to ‘The Juice Box’ so i moved over to Ebay for my supplies.

The box was just over £11 with a fast and free delivery option: here’s the link

The multi USB charger stand was just under £10: here’s the link

You can use any paint or colour you want, I went for chalk paint in antique white as i’m pretty much obsessed with the stuff, and the writing is optional (if anyone want’s to know how I did that just ask and I can put together another blog or video).


Here is what the box looks like when it comes, there is an option to have a lid or no lid but wanting to hide it all away I went with a lid.


Measure out where the power cable needs to feed in and with a wood bit drill out until you have made a whole big enough. I know there are big drill bits that would make a much bigger hole but I wanted to keep this low cost (and realistically when would I use it again).


Once you have made your hole then it’s time to paint, I painted the whole box inside and out for a nice fresh finish but it’s up to you what you want to paint and the colour.


Next I added my text (this is totally optional) but like I mentioned earlier if you want to know how I did it just ask). This was sanded to finish hence the dust everywhere.


Attach the power cable and fix the USB tower in place with  little bit of double sided tape then add as many cables as you plan on using (as you can see for us it was rather a few).


Done an in place without a cable in sight when the box is closer. It really was so easy. If I haven’t made sense or can give you any more tips please just get in touch or leave a comment!

Enjoy and thanks for reading.



Shein Wishlist

Ok it’s safe to say that over the last three months i have become totally obsessesed with Shein. A friend told me about them and when i got the app i was dubious, i really had no need to be. All the clothes do come from China but the wait is at most 10 days and in the three orders i have done it has been between 5-8 so i can vouch for he delivery being ok.

The next issue when you are buying clothes from China is the quality, we’ve all made a cheeky ebay purchase and waited 6 weeks to open an item that looks nothing like it does in the picture, Shein have solved this risk because on every item there is a review section with peoples pictures of what they received and how the sizing was, this gives you complete confidence in what you are ordering. Once you have the app you receive notifications every time there is a sale, free postage or anything else going on so i personally always wait for free delivery and then bam that full basket is checked out.

Here is currently what;s in my basket (and unless there are no huge opinions against anything will probably be checking out in the next few days!

Here is the current top 10 (and yes this look alot of procrastination and whittling down as i would have easily had this list at 30.

white drop shoulder swester


White V Neck Drop Shoulder Sweater



Plain White Casual Acrylic Pullovers Oversized V Neck Long Sleeve Fall Winter Fabric has some stretch Sweaters.

I am well and truly in winter mode at the moment and at the sight of any lovely fluffy chunky knit jumpers I will be guaranteed to go weak at the knees. White is a colour I love to wear but do have to be careful as with a flock of Chickens and three dogs I am constantly being jumped on. I have visions of this with some dark wash skinny jeans and a big chunky scarf for a more casual day, or on the flipside with a midi skirt tucked in an some biker boots. The options are endless with a simple tip like this.

boat line neck


Boat Neckline Polka Dot Top



White Black and White Casual Boat Neck Three Quarter Length Polyester Polka Dot Regular Fit Fabric has no stretch Spring Fall Top Blouses.

Naturally I am drawn to polkadots, much the same as with pom poms (I honestly think it’s a diagnoseable problem) Black jeans, black pointed boots and a black blazer would be my outfit of choice for this all day long. And it would also double up as a smarter work top on the day i have to adult.

burgundy dress


Tiered Frill Sleeve Long Hijab Dress


Burgundy Polyester Dresses Aribian Clothing.

I have steered clear of midi and maxi dresses my whole life on the basis that at 5’3 i m a bloody midget and i don’t need any help looking short. This year i have binned that insecurity and with the inspiration of pintrest have fully embraced the long dress, biker boot look and really love it. It’s warmer it means i don’t have to shave any part of my body in preparation for leaving the house and in all honesty is much more comfortable than skinny jeans.

pearl beading ruffle top


Pearl Beading Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Jumper



Plain White Elegant Acrylic Pullovers Regular Fit Round Neck Long Sleeve Beaded Pearl Spring Fall Fabric has some stretch Layered Sleeve Flounce Sleeve Sweaters.

Another one of my huge fashion go to’s is Pearls. Classic, classy and lets face it really pretty. Another risky white jumper but justifiable because it’s so damn pretty. One to dress up or dress down but beautiful none the less.

stripe top


Striped Waist Tie Dip Hem Top



Black and White Casual Cute Round Neck Sleeveless Polyester Striped Peplum Ruffle YES Fabric has no stretch Summer Blouses.

Totally out of season for this one but that’s not going to stop me, add a cardigan and the problem of cold arms is solved. Stripes are flattering, frills are flattering and blue and white is such a nice colour combination. Add some dark wash jeans, a tan boot and  navy cardigan and some pearls and you’ve got yourself a rather beautiful look.

embroided jumper


Embroidered Flower Patch Jumper



Floral Green Casual Acrylic Pullovers Oversized Round Neck Long Sleeve Applique Embroidery Spring Fall Winter Fabric has some stretch Sweaters.

Dreamy or what! I won’t lie this is not my normal colour choice but with the floral detail I was really drawn to this jumper. Again I would put this as a skinny jean combo casual jumper but still with that floral detail it would make it a pretty one at least.

full length skirt


Crinkle Elastic Waist Full Length Skirt



Grey Polyester Long/Full Length Shift Casual Plain Fabric has some stretch Spring Summer Fall YES Mid Waist Skirts.

Back on to the obsession with midi skirts. Grey sits nicely with black which is my preferred colour at the moment, no one has died i think in winter it is just the safest colour. I love midi skirts with oversized jumpers and this skirt looks so damn comfortable, it’s stretch allowing for a big lunch and comfort and with the pleats at the top it is really pretty.

floral sports set


Floral Print Sports & Leggings Set



Pants Multi Polyester Floral Scoop Neck Sleeveless Sports Fabric has some stretch Spring Summer Two-piece Outfits.

I have every intention of getting my workouts back up and running in January so this is clearly a must. I know it’s highly ridiclious to worry about what you are wearing when you workout but i honestly do. It makes me feel better, more motivated and much more likely to take a progress pic if i’m covered head to toe in floral lycra (and £11.84 for a two piece set is an absolute steal).

polk dot dress


Bell Sleeve Open Back Scalloped Polka Dot Dress



Black and White Elegant Polyester Round Neck Three Quarter Length Sleeve Fit and Flare Short Knot Cut Out Zip Button Scallop Belted Polka Dot YES Fabric has no stretch Spring Fall A Line Dresses.

This dress I LOVE, and because it has the black detail i’m pretty confident a pair of black tights on my hairy legs would be absolutely fine. It would be  no bra dress of course but that doesn’t worry me with my noobs (no-boobs) and would make a lovely outfit to a party of some description or a night out.

drop shoulder mustard


Lantern Sleeve Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt



Pullovers Long Sleeve High Neck Yellow Plain Polyester Fabric has some stretch Spring Fall Casual Slim Fit Sweatshirts.

If you follow me on Instagram @lifeinthecottage you will have seen this colour feature quite a lot. In Autumn I started becoming very drawn to this colour and that has continued in to winter with now sign of lessening. It is gorgeus with both black and navy (which isn’t easy to do) and with a dark bob is a nice colour to contrast. The high neck (not rolled neck as i have now learnt) it keeps you warm but doesn’t make like you have no neck at all (some of us need all the help we can get to look elegant.

So there is is my current top 10 Shein favorites, now i’ve written this I feel like it’s ok to hit checkout. (I will never learn)

Thanks for reading and speak up if you have used Shein before.


Solo Christmas

I know full well that a lot of my followers are mums and some even single mums like me. Speaking from experience It is such a daunting prospect facing Christmas as a single parent (especially a new one) but i’m about to give you a little vote of confidence on this one because it’s not that bad.


Ok so my first solo Christmas, this was the hardest. I pulled the Christmas hamper out brimming with sparkles and glitter to find memories of family life, Surname based signs and I sobbed, I sobbed my little heart out. I wondered how it had all gone so wrong and how I ended up alone. I really did my absolute best to create the worlds biggest pity party, which all my family and friends were of course invited to. I think on your first solo Christmas everyone is fairly understanding of the change and the upset (but let me tell you this won’t last).

Come January all the decorations came down and went back in to the hamper and the year carried on, every day with me getting stronger and stronger.

Christmas year two I started to create our own traditions, cried less and started caring less about which parent had spent the most money or bought the best gift. (At the age of two lets face it Arabella was happy with the wrapping and the box). The next two Christmases moved forwards in a similar fashion until Christmas number 5 (which is the present day).


Initially I just want to say it’s amazing how much good you will find if you start to look for the positive in any given situation.

We have always split the day 50/50 one of us will have Arabella on Christmas eve and in the morning, the other from Lunchtime on Christmas day through to Boxing day. Initially of course this was terrible and having to make the order in court was even less of a joy, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Arabella is actually with me this Christmas eve and Christmas Day morning, but when she goes to her dads at lunch time, do you know what…I’m going to crack out my pyjamas and binge watch Christmas films (something I wouldn’t be able to do if she was with me) I could go out for festive drinks, i’m basically a free agent. You can view this as  good or a bad thing ‘woe is me I don’t have my child on this magical day‘ or ‘Ok I’ve seen her on this magical day but now I’ve got 8 hours to be selfish, post Christmas day selfie pics on Instagram and generally bum around doing whatever the hell I want’ It’s entirely up to you whether you go for the positive or the negative but you will soon realise the easier road to go down.

My top tips for coping with a solo Christmas:

1.Chuck out anything that resembles the old relationship you had (take as long as you need to do this but believe me it’s easier when it’s gone)

2. Start creating your own traditions with your children, ones that only involve you and them (or maybe even your family) basically people that will be sticking around.

3. Get social, go out see friends, stay busy at the beginning an don’t sit and dwell.

4. Don’t get in to a present war with the other parent. Who cares who bought what as long as they get something, fill themselves with turkey an watch some sort of Disney Christmas film (these are kids it’s not an interview for the apprentice)

4. Turn off your ‘on this day’ setting on Facebook or you will be inundated with reminders of what you were doing last Christmas (and who with) who needs that shit.

5. Look for the positive, for example: ‘yes this is a shitty situation but in what way could it be seen as positive’ (silver linings do really come with every cloud)

5. And lastly an probably most importantly, put yourself first, have some downtime, do whatever makes YOU happy at Christmas, this can be anything from sleeping to getting blind drunk on Mulled wine (the choice really is yours).

I hope this helps you if you are going through your first, second or perhaps third solo Christmas. And like I said at the beginning it really isn’t that bad. (I promise)

Thanks for reading and as always speak up if you’ve got something to say.




Panic at the Disco

No idea why I have named this blog what I have, I just thought it sounded catchy (it’s the marketer in me).
So this post is basically just a little bit of anxiety update, I don’t really talk as much about anxiety and the huge pain in my ass that is panic attacks, as much as I should. Potentially as I am becoming a lot better at handling them/it or because it’s an avoidance tactic to not even say the word (who knows).
So on the whole over the last six months I think I can say my anxiety has been better, I have probably had less than five panic attacks and I honestly think I am starting to just accept it as part of my life. I don’t think anxiety is something that comes and goes, I think that once your body has worked out that stress response you are stuck with it but I do think you can learn how to cope with it.
I remember my first panic attack, it was about three years ago and I honestly thought I was dying, I had never had one before, heart was racing, felt like I was going to simultaneously vomit and shit my self, pins and needles in my arms and legs (the lot, and yes a lot like how having a heart attack feels apparently) It came on for no reason and lasted about 20 minutes. I reacted so badly thinking there was something seriously wrong, I went to the doctor in an absolute state and insisted he checked me for everything (is that even possible).
I ended up going home with a prescription for Diazepam which truth be told was never going to solve the issue (it takes 20 minutes to kick in and a panic attack will rarely last over 20 minutes) great suggestion doc, I ended up taking half a tablet to see how I reacted, which apparently was to slur my words then pass out mid evening for the rest of the night on the sofa) not really the reaction I was after. Never the less I haven’t taken one since and they are most likely out of date now.
So basically at that point I realised that I was pretty much on my own with the panic attacks and there wasn’t going to be a medication option only a self help one. With a crippling phobia of being sick (emetophobia if you haven’t heard of it) the nausea involved with a panic attack is a HUGE problem for me and will make my panic 10x worse instantly, for the last 10 years I have been prescribed an anti-sickness drug called Buccastem (anti emetics) this I would take if I started to feel really bad, this was up until about a year ago when my side effects to taking that were that I would be really drowsy and basically go in to a coma when I slept (no alarms would wake me) so another medication that is really only used in an absolute emergency. So again back to square one. So here’s how they happen and how I deal with them:
‘I start to feel a bit odd, and my legs and arms go a bit weak and shaky’ Breathe and remember I am in control of my mind and body
‘My heart rate starts to pick up and I feel like I need to run as fast as I can (nowhere which is actually pretty funny)’ Start taking deep breaths, always making sure to breathe out for longer than I breathe in
‘My body temperature starts to rocket’ This is when I start taking clothes off and head for outside (still breathing properly)
‘I start to feel nauseous ad my chest and neck go tight’ Lie down on the floor in the cool with barely any clothes on (yes a hilarious sight if you are in public) and keep breathing
‘The next bits come in waves, heart rate goes mad, breathing goes mad and my body starts vigorously shaking (potentially because I’m in my underwear outside the back door) This is the point I normally try to speak to someone, having someone with me is the ideal situation but otherwise just calling someone works a treat. Sometimes just having someone at the end of the phone talking at you helps as a distraction. I cry, I wail, I moan and then all of a sudden everything slows down and within 10 minutes I am carrying on with my day a little shaken.
All I really try and focus on is breathing and remembering that ‘this will end’ I can’t stay on a panicked state for the rest of my life ‘it will end’.
My worst time of the day for this to strike is last thing at night or on waking in the morning so I am particularly mindful about keeping myself cool and calm in the morning (oversleeping is not a good situation to be in). I can’t give a magical solution (god I wish I could) but I guess I have just learnt to live with it, I have had them in public but they mainly happen at home a few days after I have been in a very stressful situation, it’s almost like my body saves up the anxiety in a little pot (I would like to think it’s called the anxiety pot) then one tiny addition and bam there’s the panic attack.

My only advice other than BREATHE is talk about it, talk to your friends let the know what’s going on, call them if it happens and most importantly DO NOT feel embarrassed, it’s a known fact that 1 in 4 adults will have an anxiety disorder in their lifetime.

I hope this in some way is helpful and of course if you have something to say or can relate pop a comment below.
Thanks for reading